Mikes Art Solutions

Mikes Art Solutions

5/40 Bland St Ashfield NSW
ph:02 8068 1068
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www.onreflexion.com Specialises in digital video production, commercial & advertising photography, digital montage, three dimensional modelling as well as Macintosh/OS computer technical support and file management.

www.artfulmoment.com.au Artful moment is a collection of diverse visual artists who have taken the opportunity to exhibit their work when commercial spaces become available. "Pop-up" galleries are a creation of unpredictable times, as artists jump into short term niches in the properties-for-rent landscape.

www.innominato-strings.com.au is a community based adult string orchestra for beginner and intermediate level string players to have the opportunity to learn and play with others.

www.agora-gallery.com Agora Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery in New York established in 1984, dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists. I have an exhibition here opening on February 7th 2013.